Q&A with Poet Lynne Burnett

I’ve not been writing or posting much lately and was quite delighted to stumble onto this dialogue between two of my favourite poets.

O at the Edges

I’m pleased to offer this Q&A with poet Lynne Burnett:

Lynne Burnett on the old Ice Road (Mackenzie River) between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk (inside the Arctic Circle).

Your chapbook, Irresistible, has recently been published. Can you tell us something about it? 

The poems in this book have transitions in common – from death and dying, whether accidental or planned, to milestones such as a son leaving home etc.  There’s love palpably felt after death and beyond it, little epiphanies from near-disasters, the whole subject of death from many different angles – the news that breaks us, how our lives are enlarged by telling moments. The title poem “Irresistible” and “Tandem Hang-Gliding Incident” seemed to embody our human failings and the unnecessary accidental deaths we suffer as a result. But also, physically, death is inevitable and therefore irresistible – we can’t resist it. It will happen sooner or later: our first…

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3 thoughts on “Q&A with Poet Lynne Burnett

  1. Mega thanks for reblogging the first half of this interview, Chris! And to be considered one of your favourite poets – you made my day! 🙏😎

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  2. Gee, that is so great to hear, especially when the not so poetically minded can’t figure me or my poems out (so I hear from far away relatives who were kind enough to buy my chapbook). So I REALLY appreciate the poems resonate with you, Chris! Thanks and hope to see more of your work soon!🙏😊

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