About Dancing on Frozen Beaver Ponds

I’m a graphic designer, writer and visual artist, living on the north shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

I spent the winter of 1979 with two friends in a small, log cabin in the backwoods of Northern Alberta. We had no electricity or water and the temperatures sometimes reached -40 celsius. In the morning we started the trucks by shoving a length of stovepipe under them, blasting and thawing the oil pans with a propane tiger torch. Often at night I would wander the chain of frozen beaver ponds behind the cabin, landscape lit by a full moon or the astral flow of Aurora Borealis.  


48 thoughts on “About Dancing on Frozen Beaver Ponds

  1. Hi, Chris! So sorry about the post. I tried to send an e-mail out to everybody, but I am a little tech-stupid. You can access with code “makeitrain”. Thanks so much for checking in 🙂

  2. Chris, thank you for stopping and liking a recent post. I look forward to following your spiritual journey of daily observation and reflection. The blog title is creative and reflective of your creative self I can only imagine.

    Take care,


    • Hi Ivan. Thanks for your kind comments, for dropping by and also for following. I look forward to following your work as well.

      Cheers, Chris

  3. I nominated your blog for the new Reality Blog Award! Congratulations! This is a “no rules Award” and you can find the details here at Reality Blog Award. Decide what you would like to do based on time and other considerations as there are no rules.

    • Ivan! Thank you very much for your nomination. I apologize for not responding or acknowledging it earlier. My time on WordPress these days is so limited – but it shouldn’t be reflected by a lack of courtesy. I hope that you realize my tardiness isn’t a lack of sincere appreciation for your recognition.


    • Hi Michele,
      Just a quick note to thank you for this! You have no idea what an honour it is coming from someone who’s writing I respect and enjoy so much. I hope in the next few days to follow up. Thanks again!


  4. I fully endorse your hypothesis on being shaped by the environment, physical and social. You have a great site, with beautiful words and drawings. Thanks for sharing your explorations of Nature and spirit!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and your kind comments. It is nice to meet another Canadian!
    You Nova Scotian folks are great people… thanks for your support. I REALLY appreciate it.

  6. Nova Scotia, eh?
    I heard Rita McNeal song about Nova Scotia and began to look at moving there!
    There’s something about songs that sing passionately about one’s homeland (it seems as though Nova Scotia was her homeland) that are enchanting and haunting.

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