Bear Country

Bear Country




11 thoughts on “Bear Country

  1. Various kinds of birds [(distracted by flights enigmas) crash into our sunroom windows … hummingbirds, blue jays, robins, little wrens and sparrows, and some unknown (or not known to me)] … none have passed from this earth, but they look so stunned/confused wondering “who put that house in my path?” … they meander onward after a few moments … dazed, but onward they go. I chuckle quietly and wonder/wander … directly into my door. Was it I who closed it? I know not!

  2. Really beautiful Chris. It’s incidental, but your piece reminds me of how I learned the meditative practice of Mettā. A Buddhist nun told me to imagine holding a bird in my cupped hands, and extending the feeling of loving kindness towards it. The following day I was walking in the high street of the village in Oxfordshire where I lived, and a bird flew into a shop window, falling stunned onto the pavement right before my feet. This was the very day after the nun had spoken to me. I took the bird home and kept it safe in a shoebox for a day before releasing it, thinking, she will be alright.

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