Turning Sixty

Turning Sixty JUL5


19 thoughts on “Turning Sixty

    • By the way Chris…I mean that last sentence as a compliment. The old timers are the ones with the stories worth listening to…some cultures call these guys sages…

  1. It’s a good thing you cleared that up Jana!! I was just about to call it quits, buy a rocking chair, some suspenders and a checker board. I think I’ll start a bonfire instead and take it from there! Phew. Onward my friend (I’ll send you some smoke signals) 🙂

  2. “watching the twist of ten thousand leaves”, “I will stretch skyward, then bend to the sun” — as should we all! Your words have struck the perfect chord within me. Thank you for this.

  3. “My breath is at home here.” That’s it. Acceptance, a contented presence in one’s space, in one’s breath, in one’s skin. So lovely and impermanent. But those moments are a gift.

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