For Sale

For Sale_APR13


10 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. This rings true for me Chris, coming from an Eastern European background. The “world etched on a golden ball”. Satin and lace dresses for the Infant of Prague. Rosary beads and cherry wine. The old people watching from their windows. The smell of old. Thank you for taking me back there….I was only a small child.

    • This reads like a continuation of the thought Jana.
      For various reasons my life has always included European influences on a close personal level. Portugal, Finland, Italy and Germany. And a childhood steeped in Roman Catholicism.

      • I can so relate…. My maiden name is Finnish from a Polish grandfather. Also mountain people from the Carpathian Mtns. in the Czech Rep. A little Austria. Holy cards and saint’s days. You really took me back Chris.

  2. You took me into the homes of my great aunts and uncles who were surrounded by smells, foods, items that seemed strange and unfamiliar to me but were important to them.

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