23 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. Lovelovelove the use of “isolate” here.
    (I hear it as the adjectival “eye-so-let”, not the verbal “eye-so-late”?)

    It seems so intrinsically tied to the lashes.

    Fabulous work, my friend.

  2. Exquisite…every word. The first line captured me…like a koan. It’s been meandering around, settling, rising, settling again….I just eye it every once in awhile. Beautiful work Chris…

    • Thanks Jana. I believe, I’ve a foot tangled in that first line as well. It allowed me to dangle upside down and brush in the rest. The piece feels like a bit of a gift.

    • Thanks Mark!
      I appreciate your note regarding process. I may not have seen it without your comment but there’s an unfolding in this piece that is indeed revealing.

  3. WordPress unfollowed your blog from my list. This has happened numerous times over the years and seems to be completely random! I wrote a couple of posts about it. Not everyone is aware of the phenomenon;


    It’s an outrage! I only find out when I start to wonder why someone has left it so long to post anything. Hence my looking for you and having to go through Hariod because you were not longer on my list!

    Anyway, sorry to have distracted from your above piece, which is really very beautiful Chris. I’m glad to be back!

    – Esme waving at Chris then rolling her eyes at WP and then picking them up again upon the Cloud

    • Phew. I have pulled myself from the nearest river, dried myself off and consider the sad mystery solved. How could you stop following – you had barely begun!!?? WordPress has it out for me I think, otherwise I would be quite famous by now and I’m not even a little bit. Hmmm.

      Anyway… thanks! and welcome back.

      PS. I have been known to disappear for long periods of time.

    • This is a sensitive piece I think. In no way do I want or wish to diminish or discount the deep loneliness that people can feel. But that’s not where this writing came from. In my notes I had written “… Am I then left with loneliness? And what loneliness would that be? What new loneliness?” That was the spark, but the inspiration was not sadness but rather connection. The feeling goes back to a visit to Newfoundland a few years ago. The landscape blew me away. It really was like a religious experience. I wrote a poem, my last thought before disappearing into the landscape would be loneliness – and then – the impossibility of loneliness. As all things become One I suppose.
      Thanks so much for your comment Carolin.


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