15 thoughts on “Highway

  1. Not sure about ‘acrobatically’ – bit of a clumsy, clattering word. But then again, the word style of the second stanza makes a good contrast with the second…nice clear images, as usual, though.

    • It was an odd word for me to use… but I like it. There’s a bouncy rhythm to the second stanza that lands on the word ‘otherwise” and settles or opens up into the empty sky. The word also lends itself to the character and action of the fourth crow which differs from the graceful purpose of the others. At least to my mind.
      I always appreciate your comments and take them to heart Simon. Thanks.

      • Simon, I returned again and again to this poem after your comment. Rationalizing my choice, rolling it around, being satisfied and yet… perhaps not. Today, I was deleting some work I wasn’t happy with… lingered over this one. I could delete it or make a change.
        I mentioned it before but would like to reiterate how much I appreciate your feedback whether it’s encouraging or questioning. In this case, a good call. Thanks again.

  2. they do swoop and cause quite a calamity those crows. Your words are true (as usual) I have a four legged friend that goes berserk with the sight of these acrobatic black birds. Something mystical with her

  3. I’ve read that crows, in effect, learn the speed limits of different roads. Assuming that cars aren’t speeding, they’re rarely killed; and learn how much time to take before leaping into the nearest branch. I’ve been known to stop and toss the roadkill to a safer spot. I like crows. 🙂

  4. I, too, like crows, and I thought your words captured them. I was struck by the contrast between their fluent movement and their destination and purpose. I also enjoyed the contrast of gliding smoothly to roadkill while a 4th rolls acrobatically.

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