Draw the bowstring



15 thoughts on “Draw the bowstring

  1. Visceral indeed. Although my kinesthetic response was perhaps not so….gut-churning. More tactile. I felt it all in my fingers, how they feel *through* the things they hold. How the body exceeds the body. Time and space united.

      • Well and strangely these are all
        things that I or my fingers have done.

        I have eczema, have tinkered with things,
        once was an archery instructor, have used
        various fire-arms (mostly historic), have been
        a chef (so not a scalpel but…) and had a chef’s
        knife slice my flesh (by my own hand, unfortunately,
        too damn many times) and yes, have played, among
        many other things (mostly not very well), bass guitar.

        So I have really felt these things
        and felt them again with and
        through your words.

        You have done it.
        Simple is almost
        always the best.

    • “Not the great fires built on the edge of the world.” His voice grew fainter as they carried him away. “Both the melody and the symphony. The imperfect dancing in the beautiful dance. The dance most of all.”

      – Jack Gilbert, Ovid in Tears (from the book The Dance Most of All)

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