In the sky of the monster’s belly




15 thoughts on “In the sky of the monster’s belly

  1. I’m very happy you’re in the kitchen Chris… !
    Just the other night I felt this overwhelming…It moved like a pulse and I could feel the “myths” returning to live with us again. The moon breaking through in the longing. Seems you feel it too… Thank you fine poet! I’m here hungry and happy at your salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami table.

    • Thanks Jana! I hope you’re right regarding the return of myth. The world has a way of balancing itself. Let’s prepare the feast, set the table and take it from there…

    • Good morning Janet. This poem has different possibilities for interpretation, so I’m hesitant to say much. It came from the notion that we live in the belly of a monster (socially, politically, culturally, spiritually). Suffice it to say that in my mind the child represented salvation, liberation, revolution… a creation chapter perhaps?

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