February 9, 2017





18 thoughts on “February 9, 2017

    • Empty of words and content… that’s a nice place to be. Glad you enjoyed this Jana.

      Strange and serendipitous that you would suggest a fine meal… my life seems to move in waves of interrelated passion/interests – seemingly from nowhere, weeks ago I found cooking and the kitchen. Fresh and genuine joy; chopping garlic, stirring soup.

      • Recently started doing lots of bread baking and trying new/old techniques and recipes. Some much better than others of course, but even the bottom tier are quite good. House smells wonderful … today will make enough poolish for a few later loaves. I keep seeing an image of the boy wandering off in the distance toward the church alone … Aimless? Lonely? I’m hoping he/she encounters someone wearing a saffron robe to guide the mind inward.

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