God watches from the bark of trees




32 thoughts on “God watches from the bark of trees

    • Thanks Audra. I really appreciate this, as I’m beginning to struggle with the writing. I often think about you and have a desire to hit delete delete delete. Either it’s time for a change… or a hiatus. I feel as though the writing has to “open up”. I think this one was me grabbing the bars of the cage and rocking it. We’ll see.

      • Chris- your writing lately has been quite good. You feel connected to the poetry to me as the reader. Why are we filled with such self doubt? Id miss you, dearly, if you stopped. I understand though- boy do I. I feel like Im coming awake again. Ebb and flow.

      • I’m really glad to hear you feel you are coming awake again!! You know how much I enjoy and appreciate your writing.
        Thanks for this Audra – I really don’t know why the self doubt… maybe it comes with the territory. In any case, I think ebb and flow says it all. My hope is for some experimentation and change.

    • (January 4, 2018) Hi Audra! I’m just taking a chance here… it doesn’t look like either one of us are writing much these days. I tried to get on your blog but it just said… sorry buddy what you’re looking for isn’t here. So I thought I’d just do a rapid scroll down my posts and reply to one of your old comments. I just came across an something on Open Culture and you immediately came to mind… http://www.openculture.com/2018/01/librarian-action-figure.html … Hope all is well! We’re up to our ears in a snowstorm. 88,000 people so far without electricity.

  1. Chris, this piece reminds me of the contemporary Native American fiction I love..Leslie Marmon Silko, Louise Erdrich, …. so many others. Even dirty gasoline has its place. Everything smells of the poetry of flatness. The light shifts. It’s that time of year…
    A favorite line?…”Across the frozen field saints like winter mist with nothing but faith (kind of there kind of not) stare at lunar mountains a clouded man with a crossbow keeps his eyes peeled just in case.” So good…..

    • Thanks so much Jana. This means a lot to me. The light shifts. It’s that time of year…

      (As for that mason jar half full of dirty gasoline sitting on a shelf in my barn… well finally… finally it got written in.)

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