December 18, 2016




10 thoughts on “December 18, 2016

  1. we can’t ever escape the spiders, can we, even in church. i think the spider’s color is important, contrasting with the white walls. the idea that the ceiling is high in this small church also is important to me. the poem makes me think of how i have been conditioned to see spiders as enemies and churches as sanctuaries.

  2. Chris This afternoon on M(EYE) way home from visiting friends in Middle LaHave, EYE put a note on M(EYE) First Husband’s temporary bed at His Mother’s House in Port Clyde, announcing in silver pen on rainbow-printed stationary bought today at Staples in Bridgewater, that on December 18th in The St. John’s United Church in Middle LaHave EYE was bestowed with The Name of Our Unborn Third Child: She had been referred to by Me as “.4” since EYE read in the 70’s that the average number of children for American Families was 2.4 (and We have two living Children) — Sex unknown, She was aborted from Me against M(EYE) Will on March 27th 1997 but, finally, is with Me now In Spirit. I never could have imagined that this event could be a physical possibility. Her Name is Maria. She came to Me from the Ceiling of The Church where EYE convulsed in Tears of Relief.

    • I was just about to turn the computer off for the night and thought perhaps first I’d have a quick look on WP. I’ve sat and read and reread this… its a layered and bittersweet telling that leaves me in quiet wonder. What a day. Thank you for taking the time to write this to me Joanna… all the best to you.

  3. This poem sent my mind off course, Chris, remembering my father-in-law, who gave me an appreciation for spiders, telling me to enjoy them but learn to recognize and be wary of those that might hurt me, just as I should do with humans. I’ve spent my life rescuing spiders when possible from those who would crush them, and I would have smiled to see a black spider in a small white church.

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