The Estuary




14 thoughts on “The Estuary

  1. Some years ago I was sitting on the deck, relaxing and enjoying a beer when suddenly about 12 feet above me an osprey swooped down with an eagle right on its tail – chasing it for the flounder the osprey dropped more or less at my feet. I’ve often awkwardly and unsuccessfully tried to write the incident, but it’s never worked. This week I tried working it into an abomination of a piece – which also didn’t work… but there were some worthwhile elements. I think each of the four haiku could stand alone… and together a strange little story unfolds.

  2. It works very well, I think. I enjoy the confluence of the images, and the shortest one, about the scar, is haunting, and asks questions for which it refuses to provide answers.

  3. Crow thanks for your comment. I was replying that I felt the short stanza was responsible for making the piece work… when somehow your comment gave me the necessary courage to remove the last stanza (the eagle and osprey)… which I only used to take some of the mystery out of the first. Anyway… thanks!

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