white lines



6 thoughts on “white lines

  1. The images are vivid, Chris, and fulfill the title; but my mind couldn’t interpret the first. What did you read and touch? Or is it a metaphor? (I think it is a sign of how comfortable I feel with you and your poetry that I would confess my lack of understanding. Thanks for that.)

    • After the election last week I became aware of the bubble I live in (which I often forget). A safe and simple world. Small in many ways. This combined with a poem I had been trying to write about the different approaches to life that my wife and I have – she is earth and I am sky. Our different approaches to creativity. The portraits seemed an appropriate description of our life in the bubble. Thanks for asking Janet! I appreciate it.

  2. chris, i have read this poem several times over the last few days, and i just read the previous comment. i keep coming back to the poem. one thing i noticed this morning was that the poem is a narrative that stretches from the past to the present and then to the future. needless to say, i find the poem compelling. (and on a personal level, as i write this my wife and i have a grandchild on the way, which actually helped me connect with some of the emotion in your work.)

    • Thank you for returning to the poem Michael. I find this the greatest possible compliment. Congratulations on your coming grandchild! To see our family grow with such love and light as Matilda is beyond words (though you know I’ll try).
      All the best,

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