Why do you write poetry?



20 thoughts on “Why do you write poetry?

  1. I’ve always been compelled to express myself creatively. Although methods and media change I always seem to swing back to poetry. I find it the easiest and most comfortable means and it’s the one I am least insecure with. I think insecurity also tends to be behind my lean to simplicity. Pencils and paper. A block of wood and sharp tools. A few lines tied together with sound, syllabics and I hope some natural rhythm.

    I also write poetry now because of the community I’ve found on WordPress. Why do you write poetry?

    • Thanks for your reply. I hope more poets will answer this question I’ve been asking myself. I also wonder how often, as with your reply, I will say, “Yes right! That too.”

  2. It has become the expression of awkward thoughts packaged in words which don’t always toe together in an orderly way. To give my soul a voice… words funnily enough have a certain form and shape that entrigue me. My imagination would be a noise with words… Always keep writing… I undertand and admire your language of expression. Thank you for finding your way to my words that I may find yours.

  3. i have been writing poetry for about 50 years, and i still find it so difficult. but it’s not masochism that drives me (honestly!).

    poetry makes me pay attention, for one thing. if i don’t pay attention, life can just slip away. i’ve written many poems to express love. i’ve written many poems to express anger and sadness.

    thanks for the question, chris. it’s good to step back every once in a while and ask “why the hell am i doing this?”

  4. Poetry is often like answering questions I didn’t know I was asking when I think I am writing about something else entirely. And at times it is being RIGHT IN THERE so close I can feel it breathing. Sometimes it is who I talk to….a crow, a river….simply that. Definitely because it’s a favorite way to play. Especially with everyone here on WordPress…

  5. why why why indeed. . it burns and rumbles inside me. I love to play with the words as they land on the paper and create the images that burn in my soul and the light/dark my world.

    I love visiting your words and walking with you. You make me want to write, Chris.

    WordPress has been an amazing community for poetry. and shown immense loyalty and patience with me and my delete key. haaa haa.

    it is alot fun.

  6. There’s a deep connection
    I can feel when I’m in the zone
    It’s like mediation
    I’ve always have been creative
    And when I’m there there
    Isn’t any other place I rather be
    As always Sheldon

  7. because it seems life is sometimes a never ending stream of questions like the one you pose…questions that can never be truly answered with straight forward prose…the truth slips in and out of focus, or vanishes altogether like a dream from the previous week…’why do i feel the way i do?’ ‘what is it the moves me?’ – and all of that is coupled with the need to reach out to others, a compulsion that makes up part of what it means to be human…seeking a shared experience (which something like the platform of WP helps facilitate)…yet to what end? another question that always will rattle around, never fully answered…

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