Duck Hunters


Originally published as Open Window,  November 25, 2012. Edited.

15 thoughts on “Duck Hunters

    • Thanks Joanna. It is a great sadness indeed but one of the many I’m afraid will be with us for a long time. I may recall at least one poem you’ve written on a similar theme?

  1. Very fine poem (imho), one of my favorites for sure. So much is accomplished in vivid short order: I can relate to the way the hunting intrudes upon your sleep, distresses you on a subconscious level as the ducks go from “All arrow-speed and grace” to “…Flotsam. And gone.” – dreams (made fitful by sound of hunters) to nightmare. That you name several types of ducks gives them identity, specific beauty; punctuates the loss I think. Beautiful example of the cares of a poet’s soul informing his poetry.

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