Hunting chanterelles



12 thoughts on “Hunting chanterelles

    • Yes they’re delicious fried up with butter! We had no luck though, I think we were a little late in the season (perhaps just out for a walk in any case). Thanks for commenting Joanna.

  1. i know the what it’s like to be lost outdoors. it’s difficult to keep the panic down. but the panic doesn’t last long in the poem, the persona able to enjoy the beauty of floating leaves and clear pools.

    • I’ve only been “quite” lost a couple of times – funny how darkness plays into the urgency on those occasions. This was really just a walk though and briefly losing the path. In situations like this the sensation is more one of heightened awareness than anything else I think.
      The clear pools in the forest trees are simply breathtaking in the fall.

  2. Full confession: I live in an area surrounded by high mountain desert; I had to google chanterelles. The exclamation mark speaks volumes. I belong to a group of good people striving to be poets. I took this poem and the two preceding and shared them with the group. We’ve been talking about trying to pare our words to the essence of what we want to communicate in a poem and trusting our readers to understand. I think you do those things, and my colleagues agreed. (I hope it’s OK to have used your work to further our discussion. I think you’ll get a new blog follower or two out of the exercise.)

    • Janet I’m always so grateful for your comments and compliments. And now especially for sharing some work with others. You can rest assured it’s A-OK with me. Thank you!

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