Nothing carved in stone



10 thoughts on “Nothing carved in stone

    • I recently happened upon Indra’s Net… it “has a multifaceted jewel at each vertex, and each jewel is reflected in all of the other jewels. In the Avatamsaka Sutra, the image of “Indra’s net” is used to describe the interconnectedness of the universe.(Wikipedia).” The net covers the universe. One thing. All things. Reflected one within the other. It’s a beautiful image and metaphor seen both in Hinduism and Buddhism. In the Tao Te Ching (73) the net also appears, the reference is different but I trust “interconnected”.

      • Thank you Chris, for taking me here this morning….. Ellen M. Chen is my go-to for translation. In her commentary (Tao Te Ching #73 … second stanza)…so beautiful a description of resonant relationship… the quote
        “…..I hold that these lines are not meant to describe how creatures respond to heaven, but to declare the providence of heaven on earth. In a most mysterious way, heaven without contending, speaking, being beckoned, or hurrying- which are human ways- wins, responds arrives, and plans all in the most perfect manner. By these lines the Taoist declares his profound admiration and total trust in heaven. Heaven oversees all, thus all is well”.
        Indra’s net ….spider’s weaving…. now off into the day!

      • Good morning and thanks for this Jana. I will definitely pick up Ellen M. Chen’s book. Beautiful quote. I have a number of translations with Addiss and Lombardo being my favourite.

        I realized that I saw Indra’s Net, in Michael Stone’s, The Inner Tradition of Yoga. “The Indian Myth occurs in both Hinduism and Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. It conceives of the abode of Indra, the Hindu god of space, in which there is a net that stretches infinitely in all directions. At every intersection of the net there is a jewel so highly polished and perfect that it reflects every other jewel in the net. Each and every jewel in the web is intimately connected with every other jewel so that any change of pattern in the web is replicated throughout every sector and layer of its system. The entire net is interconnected and interdependent. When any jewel in the net is touched, all other jewels in any node are affected. This speaks of the hidden interconnectedness and interdependency of everything and everyone in the universe.”

  1. i am struck in this poem with how much you communicate in such few words. the beauty of it moves me. it also makes me think of how so much of the world, beauty included, is ephemeral. even the way you have organized the lines so that they slip gradually to the right makes me think that eventually they would disappear off the page.

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