The end again

The end again


18 thoughts on “The end again

  1. Right from the title and first line, you’ve bookended this poem beautifully (“shadow-beaten black and blue” and “Just some wind in the chimes” are both so fine) and with an ending that rings very true, as dreams do oftentimes incorporate outside sounds (wind chimes may become glass shattering). It’s meaty in the middle with myth and provocative question; there’s so much packed into this- action, sounds and visuals- yet also loneliness, all lovely in their own “twitching” Greco-gothic way. ~ Peri

  2. “Haunting” is an over-used word these days, but it perfectly describes this poem. If I have nightmares tonight, then I’ll know who to blame! As well, I admire the craft in the poem, especially the sounds.

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