6 thoughts on “Dangling

    • Thanks Janet. A crow (a bird I love) swinging from a line is a tough, haunting image indeed. A couple of summers ago I had to drive by the sight often. It was odd to be reminded by the earwig (not so loved)… for days in fact, I think until I wrote the piece… and then it was gone. I hope you’re enjoying your summer.

  1. Another intriguing title. It not only sets up a comparison between the two stanzas but also makes me realize that we are all dangling, in some way or another. The poem makes me wonder if crows, such intelligent beings, would be scared off by a dead bird “strung from a wire.” The last two poems of yours that I’ve read remind me of some of Ted Hughes’ work in tone and careful craftsmanship.

    • Thank you Michael. I appreciate the reference to Ted Hughes. They say that crows have an uncanny understanding or relationship with death and are actually known to have funerals. Their intelligence and awareness probably do support the rather macabre method of discouragement. I once read that one measure of intelligence regards the games they play. Ravens, even wiser than crows… play slightly more sophisticated games.

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