Quarry Brook Song

Quarry Brook Song


10 thoughts on “Quarry Brook Song

  1. Hahaha…the beer can fit though. Was essential actually. My muscle memory easily recalls what it takes to rake. Not possible really with a beer can in hand at the same time. If you’ve ever raked, the pause, the reflection in the moment was subtle but made more obvious. Very Zen…

  2. this is delightful. it’s as if you paint the scene in the first couplet with “dipped orange” and “brushfire glow,” the “brushfire” reminding me of a painter’s brush. then the rhyming couplet echoes with the child’s laughter, observed by Li Po’s sparkling eyes. the poem refreshes the spirit.

  3. Hi Chris. I spent almost four years in Changzhou, China also known as the Dragon City. It is a small city which has a park named after Li Po who had lived in that city for a number of years. In the park is a significantly larger than life-sized reclining statue of Li Po. I had a spent hours in the park along the Great Canal, in meditative silence. Your poem awakens memories of dank odours which reminded me of stale beer. Thank you.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Someone recently asked me the “if there was anywhere in the world you could go” question. I wasn’t really sure and then realized China’s wilderness of mountains and rivers. It sounds like you may have been that fortunate. Ahhhh… that and the smell of stale beer.

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