Zen Mirror

Zen Mirror June 30


22 thoughts on “Zen Mirror

  1. When I read something like this Chris, it just brings everything into focus, wonderfully clear as it spins it all back out into ??? This one is a wonder…. I can “be” right in the middle of it. That’s it! It is a centering poem!

  2. … as it spins it all back out into ??? (perfect). I love how you found it, that moment last night when it occurred to me more lucidly than usual that “this is it”… and it’s all it can or has to be.

    A centering poem. Thanks Jana.

  3. I love this poem so much that I don’t have the words at the moment to tell you why. I’ll have to think about it when the emotions it caused in me have subsided.

    • I just spent a few days helping my son roof a cabin with a very steep pitch. Up and down the ladder, back and forth along the ridge. Much slower and more carefully than when I was younger… I appreciate the affinity Robert – but be careful up there!

  4. montaigne recommended thinking of one’s death every day, so that death becomes a familiar friend, almost. that is sort of what you’re doing here. but you have attained a difficult balance in this poem between the joyful and the morbid. i can see the zen influence — some of this reminds me of gary snyder. oh, and thanks again for telling me about jack gilbert. i just finished his collected poems. it’s so good that i ended up reading a number of the poems to my wife.

  5. Going towards death is falling in emptiness – sinking and dropping and fearing and waiting to hit the ground , until, realization: there is no ground to hit in emptiness. Aha! – and falling becomes eternal flying.

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