Bone China

Bone China June 22


19 thoughts on “Bone China

    • Thanks Jana. I was getting frustrated with the line breaks and spacing on the WP templates and realized I could write in a design program, save the poems as jpegs and post as images… one thing led to another.

      Poetry of Light is some quiet these days…

  1. Love the font you’ve used …and the border. Reads a bit like your own chap book. I’ll have to experiment…thanks!
    I really appreciate the subtle pacing here, Chris I read it a few times slowly to bring it into focus. Each time the words opened up a little more for me. Left their imprint….

  2. Oh Chris! I had to read this a few times as I loved the soft imagery paced with the wistful feel of the history. Am i making sense? Your words made me feel this piece move through time

  3. Amazing poem, Chris. Really appreciate how you played with both what there is vs. what there isn’t, like bone vs. bloodless. White and red. Strikingly visual, and now I will have to read it again!

  4. Having now read this uncountable times … you have left me wordless, but with a vision of time, memories, and strangely wondering about that damned fingerprint in the glaze.

    • It’s great to hear from you Harold. Thanks so much for the comment… As for the fingerprint… I trust you left a few as well. Origins of the vessel.

    • I’m so glad you picked that up and appreciated it Michael. Thank you. It’s a detail borrowed from my mother-in-law’s life. I never had the fortune to meet her, but indeed… she went through a great deal.

  5. Reading this, and rereading it, dwelling on the details, wondering about the images, I began to feel a wistfulness about the homes of my elderly relatives, sometimes abandoned, I explored as a child. I guess I’m trying to say I related to this beautiful bit of writing.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this and spent some time with it. That the words managed to bring you beyond the poem and into your own recollections… that’s a joy. Thanks Janet!

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