The Meaning of Art


The Meaning of Art Jun15




8 thoughts on “The Meaning of Art

  1. through this poem i can see an artist working his way through sorrow. the beginning and closing are about black paint, then wire and duct tape, bleak contrasts to the memory of the girl in a red dress tap dancing. i admire how you allow the images to do the work.

    • Pulling into the driveway I suddenly remembered a tragic and deeply moving painting that I saw 30 years ago. The artist had lost his wife and his painting had a black void in the centre. His life.
      As soon as I felt the memory as image for a poem, another very different piece of art came to mind. This one was an installation that included the tap dancing girl and other-worldly experience of the quiet voices telling fragments of story through mounted car speakers. This is perhaps my all-time favourite work of art. Finally, an experience I had when a young curator of a little gallery took me into a backroom to see the drawings from an exhibition I had missed but really wanted to see. A very different and intimate way to experience the artist’s work. Throughout the telling I took a few liberties in the details and layering.
      As a poet I’m afraid I’m not particularly skilled or knowledgable in technique… but do love the life and possibilities that can come from combining and sharing images. Thanks very much for your comments Michael, I really appreciate them.

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