Last Night in Thunder Bay


Last Night in Thunder Bay June15





9 thoughts on “Last Night in Thunder Bay

    • Thanks Jana 🙂 I’m glad you opted for the unlocked sky too. You know, when the creature turned it came and laid down beside me like a big black dog. In the actual dream, the first part was a lot scarier.

  1. Haunting and intriguing! I love how seamlessly you mix the natural world with urban life. I’ve been to Thunder Bay but only when I was passing through. If it is how you imagined it here, I’ll have to visit again.

    • I was born and raised in Thunder Bay and my family is still there. I get up once or twice a year. There’s is something beautiful about the wilderness that surrounds and holds it… but, almost everyone I know who has been there – has “passed through” on their way somewhere else. Thanks for your comment Millie!

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