Folk Dance

Folk Dance



6 thoughts on “Folk Dance

  1. You sabbatical from writing (or posting your writing) is bearing fruit, Chris! The verb tenses here evoke a kind of language magic for me. The words are alive….you bring us right into the dream.

    • Thanks Jana! It feels really good to “want” to write again. I’ve been collecting fragments but otherwise, not much – and until this piece, the return has been a struggle.

    • Thanks Millie. That image of the boy with the buttoned up shirt was actually where the poem began. I heard a woodpecker on a hollow tree somewhere off in the woods and imagined the boy, clogging (this was months ago in winter) and that’s where the piece originated.

  2. i think that i would like both Faith and the blonde boy if i met them in person. both have imagination. i admire that Faith is “Willing, but not waiting to be chosen,” and that the boy clogs alone in the woods. both would like a dance partner, but that does not keep them from dancing.
    interesting, well-crafted poem, suggesting a lot in a few words. and, chris, as per your suggestion i read some of jack gilbert’s poems on-line and liked them so much that i bought an anthology of his work. enjoying it very much. thanks for the tip!

    • Thanks Michael, I’m glad you enjoyed the poem and always appreciate your comments – and I’m especially glad you picked up Jack Gilbert. It’s always great to be introduced to a new poet and I’ve benefitted more than once from recommendations from the WP community.

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