Morning walk

Contemplating the first four chapters of the Tao Te Ching.

Nameless origins, non-action and natural order. The first nation’s humble relationship with the world comes to mind. Chickadee appears and as quickly disappears.

“… becomes one with the dusty world.”*


*Tao Te Ching, Stephen Addiss & Stanley Lombardo translation




10 thoughts on “Morning walk

    • What a cool association Joanna. For me it’s also a harbinger. So often the Chickadee causes me to stop and signals the presence of other things and creatures I would have otherwise missed.

  1. Harbingers….yes! As I meandered through the woods these little birds seemed to notice and keep track of everything. Hopping from branch to branch at shoulder height, I didn’t feel they were so much interested in my own activity, as in “including” me. What other species is so generous? One of my best memories…thank you for this, Chris. The chickadee is less of an urban bird where I live now. I do miss their daily inclusive companionship.

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