Young Eagles

Young Eagle IMG_6329YoungEagleIMG_6304Young Eagles IMG_6171


7 thoughts on “Young Eagles

  1. Lovely images, you are so lucky to see these wonderful birds.

    I wanted to post comment on a previous post of yours, ‘A Sort of Realism” images of past and present blurring, but it seems to have disappeared, anyway, I enjoyed reading it.

    • Thanks… also for the mention of A Sort of Realism, which I wrote, posted and deleted so fast that it slipped my mind. I did keep a copy though. I was afraid with this piece that the imagery could be to easily misunderstood. There is something dark about the piece that wasn’t intended. The reading was a very thought provoking experience and drove me to writing in the dark, rainy parking lot before I got home and lost something. I was aware of what I was walking into and anticipated that the experience would be like a fragment of dream. And it was.
      I’m stumbling with my writing these days and not entirely sure where it fits. As I’m writing this to you, I keep reading and rereading the post. Maybe I’ll put it back up after all. Thank you for that.

      I really appreciate your comments Teri.


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