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12 thoughts on “Autumn

    • Thanks very much Teri… I often rework posts and when I returned to this one, felt that the words got in the way of the images and underlying concept. That said, I really appreciate your comment and understanding of where my thoughts were.

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      • In an effort to express our feelings of the sacred connection between all life, words can sometimes get in the way, but I felt you did it with this post.
        I was about re-read your words again, but they seem to be gone, perhaps my computer is missing something.

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      • (I think this is what was missing. I failed to mention that I removed the words altogether.) I walk carrying a simple point-and-shoot camera with a powerful zoom for photographing birds. I watch my breath, stop and listen to light or sudden gusts of wind. I am aware of my relationship, as a familiar, with some of the local wildlife. Occasionally, encounters border on what I expect is natural magic. I think and write poetry, meditate in the morning and practice yoga. I dream of being awake, aware of being lived by the Tao.


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