Late autumn forest


Late autumn forest yellow gold leaves thin silver branches drawing white semi-light into crawling root darkness-not-darkness waiting-not-waiting for spring winter nothing dead nothing reborn tomorrow wind bent rattled touched hands forehead pressed into something TREE not solemn wise divine bone blood organ chakra signals to-from minds all hidden  born   moved    returned     hidden      born       moved        returned       




8 thoughts on “Late autumn forest

  1. Intricate artwork and meaningful, descriptive words and phrases. How I would have loved to have been the teacher who received this bit of work — if, indeed, it was done for a teacher’s eyes.

  2. This is very trance like, Chris … elemental. The two different versions, the mark making telling their own stories. Like communication with an energy on a slightly different wave length. The mark making is extraordinary. Something to get lost in. Whew…

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