window with 10 words [ 2+ ]




we are





always hungry

gods everywhere


moderately desperate dreams cleaning up broken glass not quite belonging lost-not-lost between woods tall grass a narrow uphill logging road between blindness-not-blindness able-not-able come morning a raven chased by raucous crows



6 thoughts on “window with 10 words [ 2+ ]

  1. I’ve been flipping back and forth between these two ‘window’ s, Chris. They open into entirely different terrains…. as ” a raven chased by raucous crows”
    Love where this
    has gone?

    • I think “going” Jana, but just never know. To know would mean tightening my grip on the wheel and that never seems to work for me. I am certainly being driven by a interest that arrived with mapping the stars, learning the Greek alphabet, exploring other ancient alphabets, being fascinated by connections and origins and gaining a new appreciation for one word at a time. In the evening my wife says I remind her of a school boy, sitting with his scribbler learning to write the alphabet by writing the letters over and over and over again.

  2. Have you read David Abrams book “Spell of the Sensuous” ? If not, Chris, I bet you’d find an affinity. He’s a linguist, scholar, slight of hand magician. He talks about language (and the alphabet) as we transformed from oral culture to written word culture. Kept me spellbound…informs me still.

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