A study in motion and transition


The model

The model

Morning of the unveiling

Morning of the unveiling









31 thoughts on “A study in motion and transition

    • Thanks Jana! It’s made out of plate steel. I will owe you more details, but appreciate that you’ve already seen to the heart of it. A study in movement and transition. The illusion of grace and fluid form in a ton of welded steel… As you walk around it two very distinct characters appear… the lines blurred where one begins and the other ends.

  1. Chris – I watch admiringly from afar; the poetry and words of insight; the growth of a photographer and now the resolution of a dream – all with a very large smile. A big congratulations.

    • Thank you Jeff. It all leaves me a little (very) stunned… and deeply grateful. And also with a very large smile. Life has a way.

      Write to me one of these days and tell me how you are doing.

  2. Chris, I am sorry I missed this when you first posted, but thrilled to see the post and the gorgeous sculpture now. How remarkable and impressive that you successfully created out of steel a massive sculpture that expresses so much movement! To me, this oeuvre is a dance, or a dancer dancing. Which is essentially a series of transitions…kind of like life :). BRAVO, my multitalented friend. You inspire! xoxo

  3. You need to get over here to England and create some public sculpture, Chris. Most of it’s an abomination; on the other hand, yours here is quite sublime. Amazingly, your piece seems to imbue that grey industrial building with a look of harmonious elegance. Many, many congratulations.

    • Thank you Hariod. I was conscious when designing this that so much public art is controversial. I really wanted to create something that a broad audience could enjoy and appreciate. Despite the piece being abstract, the form itself seems to have been embraced by the public. The commission was quite a surprise; a forgotten dream suddenly – there.

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