For hours maybe minutes all night

dreaming I cannot sleep

find the word Insuette written

on wallpaper, wanting to be taken.

At 4:52 I get up. Through the window

bamboo chimes, night shadows and a moonlit chair.

Insuette. Her heart so far adrift I must call back

the swimming dog, search for a boat I will never find.

Soft-minded, hesitant and out of step

I expect nothing from the morning

think the dull silver light all wrong

but am mistaken. A rabbit waits. Insuette.


13 thoughts on “Insuette

    • Thanks so much for always having kind words Chloe. I’m glad to have found a poem again. I stopped and have had a hard job making my way back. Once I can spend more time outside it’s easy to drift away. I also tried to change my approach to writing… which I think may have been a mistake. Again, thanks for the visit and words!

      • Hmmmm…not sure if you want to divulge here the change in your approach to writing, but the struggling writer and student of the creative process that I am is curious, as always, about how artists go about their work…..

      • Hmmmm… the writing I’m happiest with tends to rise quite spontaneously. I usually spend some hours tweaking, often continuing to pick away after a piece is posted. It’s quite a simple, flowing process of journalling and editing.

        Very often lines occur in the evening or during morning meditation and I work them out while walking. Or they come while walking and I spend time with them before I actually start my work day.

        More often than not the writing is just a record of events with a bit of poetic license. Like Insuette. A restless night of light sleep, fragments of dream and my morning walk (complete with photo of the rabbit that turned my thinking around).

        Recently I felt I was simply posting too much and began a) to question the integrity of the work and b) to wonder if I couldn’t improve the quality by spending more time on the craft and development. So I slowed right down on the blog and began to take more notes and gather fragments of thoughts and images. When I tried to put the collage together I found myself overworking, overthinking and deep in a process that is not my current way.

        I have no great expectations for my writing, so… I think if it’s working, I should best just leave it alone.

      • Ha! So interesting–thank you very much for sharing this, Chris. Your process sounds quite organic–always a good sign. I, too, have come up against that questioning about posting “too much” and about quality. I’ve done this a number of times (nearly continually, actually :)). And I’ve ended up overthinking and overworking, as a result. I agree with you: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (you were more eloquent). I do wonder if the fact that we have another artistic outlet helps prime the pump so to speak? At least a little bit? Again, I am grateful for your generosity and forthrightness. How refreshing to have the opportunity to converse about all of this!

      • Hi Chloe, enjoyable conversation indeed. Your question about whether artistic outlets outside of writing help to prime the pump is a good one. You’d be surprised how much I’ve just written, deleted, written and deleted again in response. And now I’ve got to head out… so for now I suppose, suffice it to say… yep, I bet at least a little bit for sure 🙂

  1. Bamboo chimes….Moonlit chair
    Peaceful, you capture the mood of the early morning
    Colors, sounds and aura quite well, simply yet felt.
    My clock reads 4:51am right now. Been up since 3.
    This was a perfect read.

  2. I’ve been relishing yours and Chloe’s dialogue following your poem. I had to look up the word “numinous” since I wasn’t actually sure of its exact meaning…but it is the perfect descriptive word for the poem, Chris … and one I gladly add to my new vocabulary of words with both movement and substance.

    I’m having to sink deeper and pivot in order to find a further reach myself, lately. The days are full of physical activity and my dreams are full of clues.

    I enjoyed your poem immensely. A honing of the numinous thread…

    • Enjoyable dialogue with Chloe for sure. I had to look up “numinous” too – great word… I appreciate your viewing it as a good fit for the poem.

      I’m very curious to see where your writing and thinking is heading. I love your poetry and connections. We do have to come up for air and then go down again though don’t we. I think that’s one of the problems I was having with my writing… I was staying up too long.

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