Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler 10




The Marsh



Faint details of dreams

appear years later,

reaching into daylight.


Blue-flag irises.


Red-winged blackbirds

descend on the marsh,

shouldering wildfire tattoos.


Yellow-brown bulrush.


Catch and release. Words

no words. Listen long enough

you will disappear.


Green, feathering pine.


Rising from tangled

alder, birch look like deer drawn

at the river’s edge.


Black mud. Stems reaching.


Wingtip to fingertip.

Bloodroot and worm; all equal

to the insatiable mind.





For hours maybe minutes all night

dreaming I cannot sleep

find the word Insuette written

on wallpaper, wanting to be taken.

At 4:52 I get up. Through the window

bamboo chimes, night shadows and a moonlit chair.

Insuette. Her heart so far adrift I must call back

the swimming dog, search for a boat I will never find.

Soft-minded, hesitant and out of step

I expect nothing from the morning

think the dull silver light all wrong

but am mistaken. A rabbit waits. Insuette.