The artist gains entry



Outside, intricate shadows on glittering snow.

Inside, whatever God might be; is breathing.


The artist draws connections, gains entry

to see and speak at the same time.


There’s a mask in the shadows.

On the red-tail hawk’s perch; a sunlit eagle.




14 thoughts on “The artist gains entry

    • Thanks Jana. The voice of the lake under ice is truly something to witness. As for doing winter’s turning justice… a hand on its shoulder, smile on my face, I’m just really trying to encourage it toward the door.

  1. Wow! Chris, this stopped me dead in my tracks. You are totally in the moment. The photograph is merely a portal now. Beautiful.

  2. Chris, I spent some time browsing your blog this morning. I’ll be back. The photographs are intricate and intriguing; the words fluid and graceful. I’m glad you made contact with me and introduced me to your art.

  3. “The artist draws connections, gains entry”

    Great line, because it clearly describes how creativity can only be unlocked if you put in enough effort. Good poem, Chris!

    • I am so enjoying your visit this evening! I have come upon a roll it seems and can only do my best not to interfere. You have no idea how much I appreciated one of your earlier comments regarding an “almost preverbal response”. Thanks again for your encouragement Chloe.

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