Maybe love


Maybe love isn’t as big as we think it is;

more common and less to die for.




Maybe less cause for celebration

and more for a silly grin.




12 thoughts on “Maybe love

    • Yes… and I think that time will have a hard time telling. Perhaps like many things, love is beyond words… and four letters will never contain and only barely suggest the truth.

  1. don’t agree with you here… think love is one of the most important states of mind… but like someone else said here, very much misused word. Maybe if we spent more time studying it, we would relate to the emotion, to the word, to the state of mind with more care…

    • Ah Shimon. I think love is magnificent (like breath) and perhaps the greatest key to our survival and well-being. I also wonder if we do it a disservice conceptualizing and placing it on a pedestal. We love more than we realize (or at least I do). It was this insight that inspired the writing. Thank you for your comment.

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