Where are you now?


Imagine you are going to die;

strong, healthy and perfectly


in the next fifteen minutes.

Where are you now?





12 thoughts on “Where are you now?

  1. Hi Chris: Now that’s provocative. I just thought about
    having a heart attack right where I am. In the moment. And, actually, I had this feeling come over me that everything is oK.
    All the people I love and care about I think know it!
    Everything else I’m doing in life is for me, surviving, thriving and having fun! Just want so much more of it! Life’s good eh?
    Have a Great! Day. 🙂 Thanks for posting! Jean

    • “I had an NDE when young… loved it!” This is both hilarious – and wonderfully deep and telling. Oh how our lives are shaped. So glad you commented, thanks Christine.

      • it was a long journey from that experience, the devastation of finding myself still in the human body after the bliss, to where I find myself now, where the bliss bubbles all the time when I take a moment to notice 🙂

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