The landscape erases all trace of self

leaves me standing on the face of the earth.

Loneliness, the last thought before


the impossibility of loneliness.







17 thoughts on “Newfoundland

  1. I’ve read this three times. Such depth in your beautifully written words. Total ” oneness”

    Landscape is inspiring. Easy to lose oneself in the view and grandness of it.

    • Thanks very much. Disappearance is a recurring theme for me… not from the world, but from something else… Newfoundland stripped away any concept and just left me (or no one) standing there. Blew me away. I spent a few weeks and many words trying to put it down, and in the end was left with my first thoughts and the first few lines I’d written while still there.

      • You have well conveyed that feeling, I’d say. I’ve been as far as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Never as far a NF, but I grew up spending summers in the Big Horn Mountains in WYO. Did a solo trek into Cloud Peak Wilderness Area in my twenties. Saw only two humans over five days, and they were about a 1/2 mile away. This kind of “communing” can change one deeply if you’re paying attention. I too struggle to find the words for those times.

  2. The thing about commenting on your work Chris is that I am often too silenced to write anything of consequent after. There is a resounding quality in your poetry which leaves me listening. As one would to the final strains of a fading gong. With deep gratitude, Sharon

  3. Beautiful poem, thank you. When I look out my window I see the estuary of The Three Sisters Rivers here in SE Ireland where the sailing ships gathered in the late 1700’s early 1800’s to carry out the migrant workers to Newfoundland. They say here the regional accents here and there are close. Lately a new service opened for the summer from Dublin to St John’s. I have an earnest desire to make that journey, your poems add to the call, thanks again, Kevin

    • Kevin, thank you for your comment! There is a nice thread of connectedness as the Irish often crossed my mind while I was there. Thinking about the Scots settling Nova Scotia and the Irish, Newfoundland. I never brought the notion far… but there was something about it I appreciated, comparing landscape and cultures (or perhaps spirits). I know none of the history.

      If you have the desire to make the journey I truly hope you succeed. In my life I have touched on many landscapes but have never experienced anything like Newfoundland… and in fact we were only there for a few days and didn’t venture much beyond the countryside around St. John’s (Cape Spear and Ferryland). I hope that Newfoundland becomes a part of our life.

      I enjoy the image of you looking out the window at your estuary where the ships gathered to carry brave souls to Newfoundland. And me, looking out mine to the estuary where the first Scots landed in Nova Scotia. My father was a Morrison, my mother an Obrien (from Londonderry NS)… and here I am (a Canadian from Thunder Bay) sitting in New Scotland dreaming of New Foundland.

      Thanks again Kevin – and good luck!

  4. strange to read this tonight, after seeing a little story on tv, a friend of ours known as the Electronic Swagman, who said he never feels alone when he is out in nature … where he feels whole … now your words explain how that works Chris … thank you šŸ™‚

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