Autumn Leaves. Autumn Sky.

Autumn Leaves Autumn Sky






7 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves. Autumn Sky.

  1. I just took the leaves from the lawn and my neighbour’s, to the compost pile provided by our community. Half of my leaves were roto-tilled back into my small vegetable garden. Thank you for the images, Chris,

  2. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the graceful form of this bird. I haven’t seen this species yet as I am more familiar with the Ring billed and Herring species on Lake Winnipeg but will be more mindful of this beauty.

    • Thanks for your comment. The Bonaparte’s Gull is a small gull. Apparently Lake Winnipeg does fall into their breeding grounds. They can be a bit confusing as they change plumage and have black heads in breeding season. Lovely, striking little gull. Plentiful around here!

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