Morning path

Thinking of a woman folding her map and looking up,

stretching a leg, stepping on a stone; I stop behind the dog.

Meet the eyes of a young Whitetail buck standing in sun-spotted shadow.


All week I’ve recalled a shallow forest pond.

Three inches deep. Sky and canopy reflected.

A bed of sand and pebbles. Some kind of wordless whisper.


How do we know which moments are sacred and which are mundane?





16 thoughts on “Morning path

  1. Sacred and profane — great discussion question — one problem is — I think — that the terminology is from a forgotten time, and is probably too outworn to be worth pursuing. It implies a dualism that no longer holds water –in that form at least — the form of one polarity being good (Sacred) and one being not so good — (Profane.)
    In my humble view, if anything is sacred, then all is sacred –it is what we make of life –including things — that makes them appear worthy or not worthy.
    Very complex — worth a walk or more———–

    • In my mind the query regarded which moments are sacred and which mundane (not profane). How do we distinguish between the sacred and the ordinary? The thought arose when I felt what appeared to be a sacred moment, and realized it was simply one of presence. The difference between whether a moment is sacred or not, may simply have to do with whether we are present or elsewhere. That’s all.

    • Thanks for your comment Audrey!

      Though the city isn’t my landscape, I believe… and hope that I would find the same inspiration. Maybe even more. Last spring I spent a few days in Boston and Cambridge and loved the diversity and stimulation. And the depth. It’s a very thought provoking question that makes me think about balance. Thank you!

  2. To my mind, the sacred has to be blessed by ourselves; put aside as something special. Whether it be a special moment, or a song we heard, or leaves in the palm of our hand… identifying that thing as sacred for us personally, gives the subject a certain precious worth in our own hearts and minds, and stays with us.

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