The life of birds


Sometimes these days I miss writing; especially for the way it helps me to see and understand the poetics of the world’s unfolding. Every now and then I make a few notes and sooner or later (as falling leaves spiral into snowflakes) I’ll get back to it. I always do.

In the meantime… a couple of months ago I bought myself a camera for photographing birds.

I had no idea how much fun, or how passionately I would enter the life of birds. Below are a few of my favourite moments.

Conversation (Canada Geese)

IMG_0732 IMG_0741 IMG_0744
Dance (Yellow Shafted Flickers)

IMG_8262 IMG_8267 IMG_8279

Flight (Bald Eagle, Cormorant, Blue Heron,)

IMG_6583 IMG_7059 IMG_7537

Life on leaf and limb (Red-Eyed Vireo, European Starling, Common Yellowthroat)

IMG_4159 IMG_4256 IMG_4832

Working Parents (Junco, Yellow Warbler, Red-Winged Blackbird)

IMG_5071 IMG_5994 IMG_6066

And babies (Cedar Waxwing, Common Grackle, American Robin)

IMG_8346 IMG_5017 IMG_8933


15 thoughts on “The life of birds

  1. Very nice, what camera did you buy? I like the picture with 2 birds looking at the sky. It’s like they are waiting for something. 🙂

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. The two birds looking up at the sky, were in the middle of the road doing a mating dance, it was quite amazing. The camera is a Canon SX50 HD.

      • Great gear you have there. They are seriously doing a mating dance? Wow, perfect timing man! Anyway, I’m looking forward to more post from you hehehe. Your subject is interesting.

  2. Birds are among the most beautiful and most completely engaging creatures. These photographs are wonderful, Chris. So grateful you decided to post them. Wonderful work.

    • Thanks Jamie! I’ve been a fan of birds since I was about 8 years old and started collecting my first Red Rose songbird cards. Lifelong interest that the camera seems to have elevated to a passion. It is fun to enter the lives and patterns of birds on a new level.

  3. It’s a good starting for photography of birds, especially with the 50X optical zoom. I can see there is a lot of patient too in taking the photos. However, I will be interested to see how you can incorporate your thoughts into the photos in future. It took me 20 years to find my focus of photography, and the reason to make the photos alive.


    • To be honest kc I have very little interest in photography. I have a life-long interest in birds however and knew that a camera would help in my understanding of them. I researched cameras in my price range specifically for shooting birds and ended up with the SX50. I am surprised how much I enjoy photographing the birds, but it is all about being (in some small way) just a little closer to them.

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