Trail Notes April 30th – Turkey Vulture

In flight


This morning I was fortunate enough to see my second rare bird this spring. On the Trans Canada Trail I came upon a Turkey Vulture! First I walked through an unusual wall of agitated crow racket. I managed to be about 30-40 feet from the bird who wasn’t very shy. Unfortunately all I have is the camera on my phone so the images aren’t great. I’m always grateful for small events like this.

On March 30th a Red-Bellied Woodpecker lingered in the trees in our backyard. Another very rare bird for our parts. Soon it may be time for a new camera.



11 thoughts on “Trail Notes April 30th – Turkey Vulture

  1. I saw a turkey vulture a couple of weeks ago but have not known of their rarity until reading this. My last “Very Important Bird” was a Northern Flicker which I watched on two separate days.

    PS: Thank you for commenting on my blog.

  2. The little gems of our days.

    I still remember the first time I saw a Turkey Vulture. I had never heard of the creature and was looking through binoculars as my husband drove. Quite shocking on first stie. We got to know them a bit when we lived in Humbolt County in California and no I don’t think they are shy creatures! LOL!

    Charming post as always.

    Be welll ….

  3. I wish you can see some of NZ native birds, there is a tui that often visits trees in my yard. I think you would like that.

    Take Care,

  4. It is a lovely photo. Far from Turkey Vultures here in South East of Ireland. However, it is often here that new migrants arrive first. Buzzards and Kites are making a comeback and I have seen both. This time of year the wild flowers are bursting forth and it’s lovely to appreciate all the joys and beauties of nature, thanks for the post, Kevin.

    • Hi Joanna, I’ve taken a brief hiatus from the world of WordPress. The warmer weather draws me outside and away from the computer. I’m writing (and reading on-line) very little these days. Hope all is well. Thanks for checking in… I’ll be back!

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