Things my dad taught me

Drawing of my dad



Always hold the blade end

of a knife

when passing it to someone.


Be kind and treat everyone

with respect.

Say hello to strangers.


It’s not true

that nice guys finish last.


oh yeah,


and if pressed,

you may only get one punch,

so make it count.




7 thoughts on “Things my dad taught me

    • hey cousin Chris..nice picture of your dad..i did love that fellow..things r goin pretty good..the archery stuff is starting to happen..teaching and bulding and what not..oh yeah.. i think you may have inspired me to start writing..have been doing that and enjoying..take care jb

      • What an awesome surprise to see you here on the frozen pond! You who would know the reality of it better than anyone else. Mentor. Muse. The beaver dams up behind Badger’s cabin, winter nights 1979-80. It would be pretty cool to see what you are writing. Also to see you and Gertrud – I will be heading up to Thunder Bay, end of May. We should definitely try and get together. Great to hear from you! Chris

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