At Harvard Square

A woman in black tights who can’t juggle very well but tries, listens to a young man with red hands and a runny nose. He wants to put an arm around her. Laughs about lecturing. Lecturing this friend all the time. Counting change in academia they figure out the night. Disappear.

On a small video screen in the museum an eagle screams. Screams above drawings made by Lakota warriors and found by US soldiers after the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Screams as we pass the Inca artifacts, giant crystals and chunks of meteorite. As we enter the room with four thousand flowers made of glass.




13 thoughts on “At Harvard Square

    • Thanks Christine. It was all quite amazing… not to mention just a little overwhelming. It would definitely not be a bad idea to come out of the woods a little more often.

    • Thanks Michele. I think you’re exactly right… the immense diversity of it all, and yet so connected and interdependent. And not just subtly. I also wonder in that light… perhaps not so fragile. Such a powerful wave of being.

  1. ‘…drawings made by Lakota worriers …’ I would love to see those,

    Thank you for writing … written world is better for you being in it!

    • Thank you Daniela! The drawings were quite amazing. At first confusing, because they looked like pencil crayon drawings done by talented children… but… but… not. To realize that they were done by the warriors, apparently in a ledger taken from a prospector. There could be so much written about this alone. Have a great weekend Daniela.

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