It is not within us to stop being,

only to move beyond the known.

In memory; invisible like wind.

In form; like oceans become rain.


At least this is what I think

standing in the woods

considering the life of stones;

watching sunlight

sparkling on spring run-off.




17 thoughts on “Particles

  1. When I first came to WordPress, I didn’t care much for the ‘like’ button. But your blog has certainly taught me to appreciate it. Often, after reading a beautiful poem, it seems unnecessary… and sometimes even a disturbance, to add any words. Thanks.

  2. Oh Chris….I love the way you capture the feelings I used to think only belonged to me. It is comforting to know that there are others in the world who appreciate the natural world in a similar fashion. I hope you are still enjoying working on your commissioned piece of art.

    • Thanks so much for this M. Sorry that I didn’t respond earlier. As for the sculpture… the creative aspect is over (at least at this stage) and now its moved into… I don’t know… the politics of it all perhaps? I know that I’ve moved onto other things until we get the go-ahead to begin fabrication, and then a whole new phase of excitement will begin. Enjoy your weekend!

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