Rain, melting snow and wet chickadees

notebook scanphoto


17 thoughts on “Rain, melting snow and wet chickadees

  1. I love seeing your notes, the scribbles and all. it’s like peeking over your shoulder. and there’s something cool about seeing actual handwriting, too.

  2. I have a great longing for those notebooks that I carried with me everywhere, sometimes in a backpack and sometimes in a brief case. So much went into them… and most of them still exist, but for some reason I never look at them anymore. I suppose they were more for the writing down, than for the reading… but then… rather suddenly, they were replaced by computer, and then by computers as the years went by. Thanks so much for sharing. A beautiful page of notes…

    • Thanks for your comment Shimon. I find the notebook can be a bit of a discipline, though very rewarding. I love the computer as an instrument to craft and play out the words, but there is a texture and flavour to the traditional notebook the computer and notebook applications can’t replace. Perhaps it’s the fingerprint.

  3. Dear Chris,
    I just had to come back one more time to tell you this. I was on the bus in downtown Helsinki going for my annual check-up and looking out the mud-flecked window and all I could think of was the brilliance of “readonewordatatime” which you had written in your journal. And it made me smile so deep inside. And I thought you should know that. Have you thought of doing an illustration to your hand-written poems and get it published? Because I think it would be a beautiful anthology that I would love to own. Thank you for giving me such a great reason to smile today! Sharon

    • And now you’ve given me the deep smile! It’s so nice having you back Sharon.
      No I haven’t thought about anything like illustrating or publishing. This would put a little too much pressure on something that is flowing nicely and following its own path. Maybe someday. Or maybe not.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts!


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