Winter lake



The lake murmurs. Moans

beneath a foot of shifting ice.


Whale-song and buried thunder;

origins come to mind.




13 thoughts on “Winter lake

    • Thanks Linda! I bet you don’t hear a lot of frozen winter sounds anymore. Do you miss it at all? I’ve never had a problem with winter, but know my tolerance for the long cold Canadian winter is beginning to slip…

    • Thanks Anne! Yes… spring is a better time. Summer even better! We’ve just come through an exceptionally long, cold snap… -15 to -30 with windchill for a couple of weeks. Not a lot of walking going on during those days.

  1. we went to alaska. it was the end of summer but still there was a lot of ice. the first time I heard the ice speak. my sister lives in Canada and says she would miss the cold now if she were to move back to the tropics. I can’t even imagine a whole Canadian winter.

    • There is a real beauty to the Canadian winter that I would certainly miss if I didn’t live here (and did miss during the years I was in Germany). That said, winter is really changing with temperatures all over the map. One day snow. Another day rain. And as lovely as the season is at its best – as I get older, it’s always about 2 months too long.

  2. I’ve never been around a frozen lake and would not have known about all the sounds it makes but for this lovely poem. Thanks.

    • Thanks Thomas. I’ve never heard a lake quite like this one. Usually the winter boom of cracking ice or splitting trees are wonders you come upon by chance (during the coldest hours). These days the lake is almost constant. Then again… so is the cold.

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