Whitespace without words

I let the writing go. And it does. Then I wonder where it’s gone and go looking.

Stopping to clean snow from my glasses I stand for a long time. Spaced out. Half thoughts, distant crow song and things I want to remember come and go. Across the bay the island is a pale stain between the frozen lake and blank sky. Head down, pushing forward I feel the reel to reel unwinding of 16mm film. Black and white world through rapidly blinking eyes. My life walking in snowstorms. Still images projected onto a painted brick wall. Whitespace without words. A kid in a snowsuit waving at the future.



11 thoughts on “Whitespace without words

  1. You have a way with words. When you started, “I let the writing go. And it does.” I thought it had disappeared. And then of course, your words led you and led me wandering. My how well you painted that landscape of white.
    I’m sitting enveloped in tropical dampness here. Thank you for the interlude today.

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