In falling snow

Tips of black spruce, pine and winter-bare ash

soft pierce the shallow white sky.


From the forest’s edge an eagle watches

stone-still December waters,


and a man passing. Over the fishway,

onto the snow covered dam


with his dog. A thousand sea ducks

drifting in the bay, dissolve like clouds.




15 thoughts on “In falling snow

  1. Chris, you have an uncanny way of describing what I feel when I am enjoying nature. What an exceptional gift to have and thank you for sharing it.

  2. That Eagle watching — is this the mate –or parent — or son/daughter — of the Eagle-remains the man and his dog found a while back?
    What might that Eagle be thinking — feeling —
    About the man and his dog?

    • The eagle has grown quite comfortable with the man and his dog. The “found” eagle was young, this one mature. This is the time of year when the eagles begin to come back to the area around the dam and fishway. A couple of years ago I counted 25.

      There have been quite a number of seals lately as well, both Harbour and Grey.

  3. the poem brings me briefly into a different world. i can feel the cold and see the white-gray landscape. the eagle watches and is watched. i wonder if the poet is the man walking — in any case a sense of solitude pervades. thanks for the experience.

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