Ocean hat

Last night I gathered the ocean

and wore it on my head like a hat.

It was captive and could never last.


“Take a picture,” I asked a friend.

But by the time he figured out

the simple camera, it was too late.




6 thoughts on “Ocean hat

    • Thank you Daniela! For your comment and nomination. I have been nominated a couple of times for blog awards and although I have been humbled and VERY grateful… I’ve not taken the steps necessary to participate. Perhaps it’s time to change that. Thank you very much.


  1. Thank you so much for that ‘ocean-hat’ thought….
    Funny, I was thinking ‘ocean’ too lately…. perhaps
    your thought was not entirely in vain –

    It is good to know, after all, that things, especially oceans,
    have a certain flowing tendency about them… .

    peace & love

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